Our People Policy

At Carrington, we believe that our employees are the backbone of our success. This is why we have a people policy that prioritizes their mental well-being, professional growth and job statisfaction.

We understand the importance of a positive, supportive and balanced work culture. Which is why we endeavour to create an environment where every staff feels valued and can contribute their unique talents and ideas.

Our team members are not just employees but valued members of our Carrington family.

Family Office

The Family Office team at Carrington is dedicated to providing ultra wealthy families with a comprehensive range of customized services, including family office set up, investment management, family governance, and philanthropy.

We offer tailor-made Trust establishment and management, tax advisory, and advice on marriage and family relationships, succession, and planning.

Our team also provides consultancy services to clients on their businesses, as well as global investment citizenship programs and high-end medical concierge services. We aim to provide our clients with a truly personalized experience and help them preserve and grow their wealth for generations to come.

Lam Ching Ching

Head of Family Office

An highly experienced banker with a practice of over 25 years. Based in Singapore, Ms Lam is an expert in private banking and family offices.



Carrington's Investment Team is comprised of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in the financial industry. We have a deep understanding of the global market trends, economic conditions, and investment opportunities.

With our broad network of global partners, deep industry expertise, and cutting-edge technology, we continuously monitor market trends and provide clients with timely insights and advice to help them make informed investment decisions.

We are committed to providing personalized investment solutions to clients, considering their unique risk profiles, investment objectives, and financial goals.

Lam Ching Ching

Chief Executive

An highly experienced banker with a practice of over 25 years. Based in Singapore, Ms Lam is an expert in private banking and family offices.


Poon Tuck Hong

Head of Compliance / Financial Controller

Real Estate

Our Real Estate team specializes in real estate investments, management, and advisory, backed by a full-fledged property agency with a global presence. Delivered by local expert staff and industry veterans, we represent property owners, investors, institutions, vendors, and corporate occupiers both locally and internationally.

Our services are divided into transactional services, provided by RHT Realty Pte Ltd (License No.: L3010883C), and professional services provided by RHT Valuation Pte Ltd.


David Ng

Key Executive

Han Bin

Head of Marketing, International Sales


Martin Ashkuri

Non-Executive Board Member

Gary Ching

Head of International Sales


David Ng

Managing Director


Eleen Chia

Executive Director

Caris Chan

Associate Director

Sebastian Yeo

Associate Director