Your Family Office in Singapore

At Carrington, we understand the complexity of obtaining employment passes and visas to operate your Family Office in Singapore. With rising wealth in Asia and families consolidating their assets in Singapore, we provide comprehensive immigration services tailored to your needs.

As a leading global wealth management hub, Singapore offers an attractive ecosystem for Family Offices. Carrington guides you in designing the optimal structure aligned with your objectives, navigating regulatory and tax considerations. Our experts advise on choosing the right corporate structure, licensing requirements, and tax efficient setup.

We assist in applying for relevant incentives like the Fund Tax Incentive with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We handle all aspects of the application, attend meetings, and address any queries. Our legal team reviews implementation documents and ensures a smooth transition to your target structure.

Carrington also provides end-to-end support for employment pass applications with the Ministry of Manpower. We prepare the applications, draft business plans, attend meetings, and follow up on any questions.

With our full suite of services, we make establishing your Family Office in Singapore straightforward. Rely on our experienced team to handle immigration complexities, so you can focus on managing your family's wealth and legacy. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized assistance.

Family Offices in Singapore with Employment Passes

Growth of Family Offices

  • Rising growth of Asian wealth
  • Families consolidating their wealth in Singapore has quadrupled from 2016 to 2018

Leading Wealth Management Hub

  • Leading private banking and wealth management centre in the world and Asia
  • Strong eco-system of capabilities to support growth of wealth management

Attractive Business Environment and Tax Regime

  • Ease of setting up a business
  • Attractive tax incentives for funds

Our Services

Advice on Family Office Structure

  • Choosing the right structure. This would include follow up meetings, calls and correspondence with you and your representatives to discuss and establish a structure that is most effective and feasible for your unique circumstances (“Target Structure”).
  • Recommend an appropriate structure from the risk management, regulatory compliance (including licensing requirements) and tax efficiency perspectives.


  • Arranging and attending meetings with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”);
  • Preparing/reviewing the draft application, which include obtaining the relevant information for completing and submitting the application to the MAS; and
  • Attending to queries (if any) raised by the MAS with regard to the application.
  • Review from a legal perspective the legal documents related to implementation of the Target Structure (such as incorporation documents etc.).
  • Coordinating with client’s representatives to implement the structure, which may include meetings, calls and correspondence, as required, ensuring a smooth transition to the Target Structure.
  • Provision of a template investment management agreement between the fund company and the fund management company for reference and adoption.
  • Legal opinion on exemption of license stating that the fund management company can be exempted from holding a capital markets service license for fund management under the Securities and Futures Act.

Employment Pass Application

  • Arranging and attending meetings with the officers from the Ministry of Manpower (“MOM”) (if necessary);
  • Preparing the draft application which includes gathering the relevant information for completing and submitting the application to the MOM;
  • Preparing the draft business plan to support the application (if required); and
  • Attending to queries (if any) raised by the MOM with regard to the application.

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